Have you ever wondered what the difference is between regular coffee versus organic coffee?

Organically grown products are becoming more popular, and coffee lovers are becoming discerning about where their coffee comes from. Here at Bella Tica, we take pride on the quality of organic beans we offer.

At first glance, the biggest difference between regular and organic coffee seems to be the price. In general, organic coffee is more expensive than regular coffee. But is organic coffee really worth the added money? What’s more, are there any benefits that you can enjoy when you drink organic coffee over regular coffee?

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Dec 3, 2020



Difference in Growing Methods

The main reason why organic coffee is more expensive compared to regular coffee is because of how organic coffee is grown compared to regular coffee.

Regular coffee is grown in flat fields under direct sunlight. Farmers would add synthetic fertilizers to help increase yield, as well as use synthetic pesticides and herbicides to control pests and weeds. The main goal of regular coffee production is to be able to grow the highest yield possible.

On the other hand, organic coffee growing does not use any synthetic chemicals at all during the production process, whether in the form of fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. In fact, to be certified organic, all inputs must be 100% organic. What’s more, organic coffee is grown in shaded areas, which means that less coffee can be grown due to limited space. When you consider that organic coffee production usually produces small yields, this accounts for the difference in price.


Does Organic Coffee Taste Better?

While proponents of organic coffee do believe that it tastes better compared to regular coffee, it comes down to a matter of personal preference. Those who believe that organic coffee tastes better say that the taste is cleaner and smoother, and that the flavor notes of organic coffee are more pronounced. Taste can also be enhanced by what coffee equipment you are using to produce your cup of coffee.

Is Organic Coffee Better For You?

In terms of nutritional value and caffeine content, there is no significant difference between regular coffee and organic coffee. However, since organic coffee is grown without adding synthetic chemicals, there are health benefits that you can enjoy with organic coffee such as less exposure to chemicals.

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Sustainability Issues

Arguably, the biggest benefit that you can enjoy with organic coffee is environmental sustainability. Since it is grown in the traditional method (shaded areas versus farmed fields for regular coffee) and the process does not have additional chemicals, it is much better for the environment. The water and soil around organic coffee plantations usually contain little to no chemicals compared to conventional coffee farms. What’s more, since organic coffee is grown among other plants, there is also a lower risk of soil erosion.

However, you should still check whether your organic coffee has fair trade certification. This means that the farmers who grow the coffee receive just compensation for their produce. Look for a certification by Fair Trade International to certify that your organic coffee is grown under fair trade regulations.


So, what’s the bottom line in regular coffee versus organic coffee? While the latter is more expensive, it is better for you because it is grown without synthetic chemicals. What’s more, it is better for the environment as well! If you are passionate about environmental sustainability as well as passionate about great coffee, organic coffee like what Bella Tica offers is a worthwhile investment.