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Our Bella Tica all purpose organic coffee rub is our all-time favorite dry rub that we use on everything. It’s earthy, flavorful and perfect to use on anything you want to quickly cook up on the grill or oven. You can double or triple it to have plenty leftover.



Ericka Arguedas




Easy / Beginner


2 Cups

Our coffee rub is low on salt or sugar, so that the rub gives the meats a good flavor foundation but will not conflict with any sauces (if you choose to brush on any at the end of cooking). We believe that a rub should enhance the food flavor and not overpower it.

Our very versatile rub can be used this on ribs, chicken, beef, pork, lamb and pretty much anything. If you make a large batch, keep it in a well sealed container & store in a cool dry spot away from any sunlight which damages spices and takes away the flavor with time.


Full Recipe in Details

All ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. Grind up the coffee or use pre-ground coffee. Gather the rest of the spices. You will need a large bowl and a whisk.

  • Cuisine: American

  • Prep Time: 5 mins

  • Cooking Time: 0 mins

  • Total Time: 5 mins

  • Calories:  408kcal

  • Fat: 8g

  • Carbs: 86g

  • Protein: 12g

  • 4 tablespoons garlic powder

  • 4 tablespoons ground Bella Tica organic coffee (medium grind and dark roast)

  • 4 tablespoons paprika

  • 4 tablespoon onion powder (or dried onion flakes)

  • 2 tablespoon ground cumin

  • 2 tablespoon salt

  • 2 tablespoon brown sugar

  • 4 tablespoon cayenne (Optional. Less spicy)

  • Add all ingredients in a large bowl and mix.
  • Store in a well sealed container away from direct sunlight.

  • Use Medium Ground Coffee for best results.
  • You can use any type of coffee roast, but darker the roast the stronger the favor.
  • Use fresh coffee grounds, pre-used ones are pretty flavorless.
  • You can create double the amount of this recipe to have it easily have it available.

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